The power of our member with whom the sense of justice overflows defends safety and secirity on the sight. All for people`s smiles.

The motive that I established this company is because it depends and wanted to develop this industry in a role as the lecturer for experience of the guard business of 15 years when I cultivated it and national qualification till now.In these past several years, the congnitive number of criminal law convictions decreases year by year, but the arrestrate rises, and the crime that aimed at senior citizen and the weak and an indiscriminate crime occur frequently.
However, we must improve the service of a member having a hard time on the site at this stage in most, the guard industry when the guard industry does not meet those expectation.
I perform the establishment of the in company`s education system and the acquisition of the public qualification in a motto by trust and honest so I offer the high quality guard and aim at the leading company of the industry.

Japan Total Secirity Co.Ltd
President Hideki Abe

We contribute to the social realization that can feel relieved by security for sincerely and trust.


Various troubles occur by the human guard duties that faithful we mainly move in action. However, there were the most reasons for conversation and correspondence the probrem. But, any kind of trouble can be settled if we give a faithful response. In us, we keep correspondence faithful entirely in mind in relations with the client, correspondence with the unspecified number of people during duties and cooperation between and accomplishi duties. In addition, we are convinced that it is a method for it to gettrust.


For the guard business, the trust is very important keyword. The work is not concluded if not trusted as a guard supplier protecting life/a body/the property of the customer.In addision, a case of work builds the trust with plural guards between most, employees in each contract, and go ahead through the duties smoothly and we cooperate on the occasion of an emergency and must cope. A sence of responsibility/ a sence of duty in the dispatch is lost without dispatching you in the contact between a companyand the employee if there is each other trust.We have been doing human guard mainly, and all consists of a relation with a person and the person and thinks that we are impossible when we do it without trust.

Aim the leading company.

Career for President

Jan. 1991 Join Tama Security Corp.
Apr. 1997 Guard guidance education person in charge qualification
Jul. 2001 On-line Guard manager qualification
May. 2003 Lecturer at association of corporate judical person
Whole country guard business special class commission
Jan. 2006 Lecturer at guard special class business center commission
Jun. 2006 Left Tama Security Corp.
Aug. 2006 Established Japan Total Security Campany

(An Acquisition Qualification)
Guard guidance education person in charge On-line guard duties manager Parking guard The first grade institution guard duties The first grade crowd guard duties The second grade valuables transportation guard duties Advanced grade lifesaving skill

Japan Total Secirity Co.Ltd
President Hideki Abe

Company Profile

Company name Japan Total Security Co.Ltd.
President Hideki Abe
Establishment August 7, 2006
Tokyo Metropolitan public Authrized:Sept.11,2006
Safety Commission No.30003185
Capital 10,000,000yen
Number of Employees 300employees
Duties Contents Guard all areas of our operation.
Security consulting service
Sales of security goods
Building maintenance duties
Seat *Head office
1-15-9 3F/4F Hosoe Bldg Kojima-cho Chofu City Tokyo Japan
fax ;042-444-5062
*Kanagawa Office
Banker Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank kokuryo branch
Showa Credit Association
Participation Insurance Tokyo marine Nichido fire Insurance Co.
Classification; Guard business liability insu.
Max.Amount; 1,000,000,000yen
Advoser Takayoshi Masuda(President of Masuda
Licenced Tax Accountant Office)
Participation Group C.J.P.Association of National Guard Business
C.J.P.Association of Tokyo Guard Business
Chofu Police Office Security Committee
C.J.P.Musashi Fuchu Juridical Person Society

The Education Training System


It is established that we perform number of hours decided education by the guard business method to a person engaging in guard business.
we perform the training (four days) in us for 30 hours and utilize a cage, DVD and perform the knowledge that it is necessary by the method that even a beginner is easy to understand for laws and ordinances concerned and duties. Furthermore, we understand a sense of duty of our idea/ duties and bring up the talented person who can play an active part as a professional guard on the site.

Present guard

As well as newcomer`s education, it is established that in fact we perform number of hours appointed education to a person engaging in guard duties by the guard business method every a half year.we perform the training more than number of hours appointment to perform satisfactory education in us.we receive training we utilize instruments and other items to the maximum, and to be able to practice the method of the prior training and first aid treatment for qualification, firefiting relations, security relations, a defence by business and offer high guard duties of the quality.

The other training

The guard duties are easy to attract attention so that a lot of opportunities to contact a person wear a uniform.
we invite a lecturer separately from the legal training from the consulting company and, from the point of view, perform the training of the manner and receive training to be able to offer the good guard duties of the appearance such as a way and the how to walk to show.

Duties contents 1 Traffic instruction guard duties/Institution guard duties

We guide it sothat a person and a vehicle can pass security smoothly at a construction site and a parking lot.

Duties contents
In the spot of the contract future such as a construction company or a commercial store, we plan a general vehicle and security of traffic of a walker and an aimed at preventing a oraffic jam and an accident beforehand.We guide a person and a vehicle and guide a construction-related vehicle to be able to perform construction smoothly.
In addition, by the instructions in the commercial store such as a department store, mall, we have recognition as the store person concerned whom a visitor come to the store contacts with very first and contact as a member of the store employee and cope to have you use a store comfortably.

Duties to be cautious of the outbreak of various accidents such as theft or the fire in the institution such as a buildings, apartments stations, the stores.

Duties contents
We perform entrance and exit management, a patrol, lock/open keys and the monitor duties of disaster prevention relations facilities we are stationd in the disaster prevention center in the contracts such as a building, the apartment, and to be cautious of the accident outbreaksuch as theft/the fire.
At the station, we perform prevention of before the fact and the guidance duties of the passenger of a suspicious individual and the discovery of the supicious-looking object and a case/the accident and contribute to security and the smooth service of the railroad.
We arrest the criminal in the entrance and exit management in person concerned doorways, the store for the store and preventthe loss of the store.

Duties contents 2 an event, a crowd and other duties

Duties we arrange the instruction of the crowd, the regulation in a festival, a fireworks display, various events, and to prevent the outbreak such as accidents.

Duties contents
We perform publicity work, an instruction,
regulation duties we are based on a guard plan and post a guard in festival,a fireworks display,
an exhibition, a concert, various events and maintain the order on the occasion of traffic or the view of a lot of crowds and plan the security of people, and to prevent the accident outbreak such as injuries and neighboring traffic jams.

The bodyguard
We perform the personal life guard duties such as V.I.P (very important person) guard, the private residence guard,escort service, the anti-stoker measure.

A security consultant
We perform a security diagnosis,
the plans such as the online guards,
sdvice.In addition, we lecture on the business trips such as security seminar, the first aid treatment.